Made in Italy outdoor meets design

Made in Italy outdoor meets design

There is more than one generation behind the story of a long success. Riccardo Ramberti – grandson of the founder Francesco – is today the owner of the company  founded in 1919,  when  his  grandfather bought the first sewing machine to produce horse saddles. However, the history of the large family business took off a little later on, with the production of tarpaulins for trucks, right in the period of the world wars. The boom of the ‘60s arrived and the company converted: with the arrival of mass tourism, production changed in favor of a new demand, that of hotels, now numerous everywhere on Italian beaches.

The  second  generation  focuses on beach equipment, supplying the first large hotels with outdoor and beach furniture. Thus embracing the intuition and entrepreneurial foresight intuition and entrepreneurial foresight of Antonio,  Riccardo’s  father, the company’s  client base expanded, even going beach to beach throughout Romagna…

Mr. Riccardo, when you took over your company, the road was already marked out….

I arrived in the company in the 80s, when I decided to leave my university studies to give a new impulse to the activity. We developed exclusively the bathing part, while from 2001 we also  gave  space to the production of  aluminum frames that in the meantime were out-performing the sales of the wooden product. It was 2012 when we took over the company Migani Industrie Srl, with investments for the resumption of wood, becoming the only producers of a top-quality product. Then it was the turn of the company Ramfil Srl (acronym of Ramberti-Filati) a division of the Group for the production of the thread for the plasticized cloths of our beds. Finally, we closed the circle in 2016, when 12 Living Srl was born, a company of the group that deals with the production of beach umbrella frames, both in steel and aluminum.

Can you tell us more about the secret of a totally Made in Italy production? We have invested to produce as much as possible in our factories so that we can offer greater certainty of a qualified product at competitive prices and with the certainty of being able to guarantee the best after-sales service. This is the only way we can always ensure the components needed for any repairs due to vandalism or sudden accidents. The new strategy foresees in this sense the development  of  some  Ramberti  Points,  already operating in Albenga, Barletta, and Cisterna di Latina.

Why choose your products? We believe for several reasons that we could summarize in these points: a competitive price, the guarantee of continuity over the years (which means being able to reassort by model and color your collection), an innovative design, and a delocalized assistance to reduce transportation costs. All our products can be customized with brands and logos, as our loyal customers know. We can also make custom products for specific measurements especially in the case of tables, walkways, or pillows. We also make specific beds for spas and wet environments,  with  wooden  frames  and  mattresses that do not retain water, thanks to the use of an agglomerate of PVC threads that make up the inside of the pillow. We are approaching the new season.

What are the next creations you are proposing on the market and what trends do they respond to in particular? We are dedicating ourselves to new forms of loungers and chairs, with new designs that will set trends in the years  to come, and above all, we have created columns that recharge cell phones and give energy to fixed or portable  stations. For example, the column TIRICARICO and the portable ENERGICO. The latter was created for the customer who wants to recharge his cell phone even in the swimming pool or while enjoying an aperitif.

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