SIFIM a continually growing company

SIFIM a continually growing company

SIFIM is an Italian Company placed in Jesi (in the Marche), specialized in filtrating field with products for home and professional hoods, electrical appliances and several industrial applications.

Founded in 1995 from five partners with collateral professional experiences, SIFIM is a continually growing  Company that  is  enforcing  its  position in filtration and electrical appliance components markets.

Filters became more and more important parts of hoods, being used to divide suspended substances in cooking vapors. Indeed, the company decided to develop metal filters, characterized by higher performances.

The variety of professional hoods filters, is the so called Baffle Filter, made of properly shaped profiles layers because of the higher flame resistance.

Researches carried out inside the company and in collaboration with the main Customers, play a decisive role for its success: to mention are the continue studies on materials and surfaces treatments, even innovative such those using nano technology.

Important are activities of testing, air filtering efficiency, pressure drop, and filters certification that SIFIM carries on in a certified and equipped laboratory on its own and for Customers with advanced instruments.

Solutions in filtration more and more complex and efficient in which metals, fabrics and carbons interact are studied  as required by every single application.

In addition to quality and price, necessary to be competitive in global market, the Company takes great care to the service quality distinguishing it from competitors.

With those features SIFIM keeps exploring new markets and application fields that could give unknown inputs to the future growing.

The different kind of available filters can be certified UL 900, UL 1046, DIN 18869-5 and NSF. We have increased our products range for professional hoods adding a line of  ceiling lamps tested IP55 and equipped with led.

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