Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori

Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori



A new important reality, for some years now, for the cultivation, protection and promotion in Italy and in the world of the most precious species of lavender: Associazione Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori, which involves almost 40 municipalities and twenty growers, producers and processors in the triangle between Ventimiglia (IM), Pietra Ligure (SV) and the Tanaro Valley in the province of Cuneo, in South Piedmont on the border with Liguria, in Northern Italy.

The “queen” is Lavanda Officinalis “IMPERIA”, a precious quality among the 39 species of officinal lavender existing all over the world, which is not only a typicality of this territory – it has always been cultivated and known since the ancient Romans, who were part of it integral to its food menu – but from today it is also a brand registered by the Associazione Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori. Lavanda Officinalis “IMPERIA”, among its other valuable qualities, is characterized by the almost total absence of camphor: a peculiarity that makes its flavor very delicate and extremely refined, ideal for food use. Not surprisingly, a branch of the Lavender della Rivera dei Fiori project is the “Ordine Gastronomico della Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori”, which is responsible for experimenting and promoting the food use of Lavanda Officinalis “IMPERIA”, recovering and, at the same time, innovating an ancient culinary tradition.

In recent years, through an in-depth selection and disclosure activity, Lavanda Officinalis “IMPERIA” has been tested and chosen by famous chefs, bakers, pastry chefs, producers and food processors in Italy and in the world. Used as a condiment to give a superfine aroma to a variety of dishes, from first courses to meats, Lavender Officinalis “IMPERIA” is successfully finding increasing use also in fresh and dry pastry, in baked goods and in the production of pasta. slow drying artisanal.

The activity of the Associazione Lavanda della Riviera dei Fiori also goes beyond the purely gastronomic aspect, through the selection, cultivation and protection of various other species of lavender. Furthermore, the initiative is inserted in an even wider context, with the elaboration of an integrated tourism project to enhance the territory and the activities (productive, cultural, tourist) that reside there, also involving Municipalities, entity and institutions.

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