HorecAroma: The Perfect Coffee for Your Business, Easy and Fast

HorecAroma: The Perfect Coffee for Your Business, Easy and Fast

If you are looking for a coffee machine for your business that is easy to use and guarantees perfect coffee even without an experienced barista, then the HorecAroma professional line of espresso pod machines is perfect for you.

With minimalistic design, new patented Aroma technologies, italian handcrafted production and elegant style, our machines are a must-have. They are easy to use, with low power consumption and available in two models, with 1-2-3 groups, pod system and professional application, requiring no special technical skills.

Why choose HorecAroma? For excellent coffee even without a trained barista.

We have created a user-friendly product with immediate boiler discharge, modularity of groups and easy intervention on mechanical parts, making use and maintenance accessible to everyone.

The advantages of the pod system.

Pod system guarantees excellent brewing without the need to know the blends, grind or adjust the machine. The machine is ready to use from the very first pod, avoiding waste. In addition, energy absorption is lower than common pod machines on the market, and even more than professional bean machines. It is also a sustainable system thanks to compostable pods.

Direct connection to a common household outlet of 220v makes HorecAroma suitable for any environment, without the need for industrial connection, unlike professional bean machines.

Style, versatility and reliability are the key features of HorecAroma.

By combining component versatility with design, we have created not just a machine but a piece of furniture, with two aesthetic lines to choose from, one minimal and one Art Deco-inspired, so you can select the one that best suits your environment. In addition to being customizable, the machine is designed to take up little space and be placed or moved easily.

HorecAroma machines have the solidity and reliability that have distinguished all Aroma brand products for years.


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