Get ready for an exotic summer…!

Get ready for an exotic summer…!


The Brand created by Massimo Hakim, with its artisanal coffee roasting method for perfect aromatic balance, has been since 1984 the point of reference for Italian espresso lovers in over 46 countries. The futuristic vision of Mikah Coffee, in addition to satisfying the most sophisticated palates, is also reaching the bartenders in search of exclusive & innovative products for their preparations.

Last November the brand has expanded the range of its fruit syrups up to 32 flavors of syrups, 8 fruit purees and 7 toppings, all gluten and alcohol free. The experiences offered by these new products are sublime and manifold.

The syrups with spicy notes of cinnamon, floral notes of lavender and hibiscus, and even the mouth-watering ones of barley and salted caramel, will take lovers of flavored cappuccinos and alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks on a sensory journey.

Premium Mix fruit purees with exotic flavors such as coconut, maracuja, mango and traditional strawberry and wild berries are already in the hearts of bartenders and their customers; these flavors are joined by yuzu, pink grapefruit and the new and exclusive date.

The Premium Mix fruit purees with a high percentage of fruit, thanks to their versatility will enrich cocktails, long drinks, milk shakes and smoothies even cakes and various dessert specialties, for a summer atmosphere all year round, immersed in heavenly scenery.

The Mikah products range for bartenders includes the delicious premium topping sauces. Available in 2.5kg size, these delicious sauces will give a gourmet touch and inimitable flavor to coffees drinks, milkshakes & desserts. A temptation that will be hard to resist.

Mikah surprises us once again. While waiting to discover the next creations and flavors, lets enjoy the new range of syrups, purees & toppings. The Bartenders will enjoy the creation of their irresistible drinks for an extreme sensation of taste and pleasure.


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