Fiorentini Firenze presents the new line of “Climate Friendly” products

Fiorentini Firenze presents the new line of “Climate Friendly” products

From 2020 Fiorentini Firenze S.p.A is on the market with three new products of the “Climate Friendly” family: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Italian, the flagship of the company’s production, not only accompanied by a specific certificate of traceability for each bottle, but “capable of respecting the environment” with a zero climate impact thanks to the offsetting of carbon emissions.


Founded in 1996, Fiorentini Firenze has over time specialized in providing a service of processing, bottling, packaging and storage of extra virgin olive oil for a wide range of customers that now includes the most important Italian and European GD and GDO chains, as well as the main multinational groups in the food sector.

The new production site in Colle di Val d’Elsa (SI), inaugurated in 2017, consists of a 250 square meter analysis laboratory and an oil storage center of about 8 million liters.

The bottling plant consists of 5 lines with an average daily production capacity of about 200,000 bottles; the product storage deapartment is equipped with 2000 pallet places with four covered loading bays.


In 1998 the company approached the foreign market, first with the US market, followed by the German market in 2001.

Since then, the development performance increases by more than 20% every year, so that at the end of 2015 the total number of packaged bottles is over 43,500,000 units, with sales for 65% on international markets, mainly consisting of Germany, USA, Brazil, France, Japan, China, Russia, England, Switzerland and the remaining 35% on domestic markets.

As of today, 2020, the annual production exceeds 50,000,000 bottles between private label and the three company brands ANTICO FRANTOIO, OLIVETA, FIORENTINI FIRENZE.

The company’s objective is to increase the volume of exports to the foreign market by up to 70%, through products increasingly aimed not only at underlining its importance in large-scale distribution but also at acquiring an increasingly strong identity in the eyes of the end consumer: the values with which Fiorentini Firenze has grown over the years are and will always be a guarantee of quality.

Quality not only in the excellence and in the control of the raw material to be used but also the quality of the production chain itself, based now more than ever on new technologies, on eco-sustainability and ethical and social responsibilities.


The company Fiorentini Firenze S.p.A invests a lot in technological innovation and sustainable energies: the storage facilities are one of the first facilities in Italy to provide the new technology of Conservation under nitrogen and processing with Cold Cycle, and the entire operational management center uses photovoltaic and geothermal energy systems for at least 50% of its energy needs.

With the recent construction of the new plant, the company also pays particular attention to the issue of sustainability, a balance between the development of its economic activity and the protection of the environment, thus becoming an excellence in the oil industry not only for the high standard of production but also because, aware of its commercial importance, it invests to eliminate the climate impact of its work and launches new Climate Friendly products on the market.


For the first time in Europe an Italian company quantifies and eliminates cO2 emissions by offsetting them with the program “PLANTING BIODIVERSE FOREST IN PANAMA” certified GOLD STANDARD: developed by Forest Finance and expanded by the partners Sustainable Timber and Isla Cebaco, the project is based on a system that combines the production of high-quality sustainable timber and cocoa with the protection of biodiversity and the restoration of the ecosystem.

With the Climate Friendly products, Fiorentini does not only aim to sensitize the end-user through the choice of an eco-friendly product, but it takes first the responsibility to improve its environmental performance creating social promotion and economic self-sufficiency for local populations in developing countries.


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