EMILFILL: Wide choice of customized packaging and a flexibility

EMILFILL: Wide choice of customized packaging and a flexibility

Emilfill Srl intends to stand out among the competitors for innovation in the packaging sector and in particular in the processing of third parties manufacturing, with the aim of better satisfying the needs of our customers for the quality of the product and packaging. 

Thanks to the existing state-of-the-art systems and the ongoing investments we can guarantee a wide choice of customized packaging and a flexibility that allows us a quick order fulfillment and an implementation of customer satisfaction in line with the highest levels of market competitiveness.  

Our offer includes the filling and packaging of FAP, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Blue, A Modo Mio and Espresso Point compatible capsules, as well as the filling and packaging of sachets with coffee, colonial products, soluble and pods. 

The company intends to further expand its product range in a sector that has long been expanding rapidly, representing today 24.3% of the total coffee market in the context of large-scale retail chains.  

For this reason we are also very interested in the market trends and the current very important trend towards an ever greater respect for the environment; therefore able to fill and pack oxygen barrier compatible, compostable and biodegradable capsules, even with filter paper. 

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