We take advantage of this opportunity to announce the arrival of our new “Golden Black” Limited Edition, the Capitani edition that combines the elegance of black with the preciousness of gold.

These machines are real artworks, with a matt and glossy black finish that creates an effect of luxury and refinement, embellished by pure gold inserts. They are compact, ergonomic and intuitive machines, which allow our customers to choose from a vast range of customizations to better enjoy every moment of the day. In 1979, to give shape to the founder’s innovative ideas, Capitani srl was born, an Italian company that designs and manufactures coffee machines for capsules and pods for the OCS/HORECA sectors, 100% Made in Italy.

Capitani coffee machines are constantly subjected to testing and rigorous quality controls in accordance with the quality standards and the reference regulations in order to comply with all current protocols.

Among our major achievements, we can include the possession of the 100% Made in Italy Certificate, issued by the National Register of Italian Manufacturers (IT01). In recent years, in addition to having established solid partnerships with the most important Italian and European coffee roasters, for which specific highly successful ad hoc machines have been developed, Capitani has continued to offer a catalog of reliable machines, constantly renewing its aesthetic lines, and always introducing new features.

The company’s skills and experience can be put at the service of the customer’s needs by developing projects from scratch, based on specific requests but also giving shape to exclusive designs for the customer, using the functional parts and components of already existing models.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of adapting existing models to operate with new capsules for dedicated and customized systems for each customer. We also offer the possibility to customize all our machines in the catalog with color combinations and logos, making them even more “unique” and specific for each individual request.

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