CRIMARK SRL, excellence of Italian coffee

CRIMARK SRL, excellence of Italian coffee

Coffee is a timeless beverage that brings people together all over the world. Each country has its own traditions and nuances of taste, but one fundamental element unites all coffee cultures: the pursuit of excellence.  

Crimark srl is synonymous with excellence of Italian coffee in the world, with over twenty years of experience.  

The selection of fine coffees from around the world, packaged “DOLCE&NERO,” is the result of a coffee drinking culture expanded through the experience and training of experts.  

The wide range of products, including the organic line, is obtained from a selection of high-quality blends or single origins of ARABICA and ROBUSTA coffee.  

The customization of coffee blends through the private label service allows our clients companies, to create their own brand, while state-of-the-art technology, allows us to produce packages in different formats: beans, ground, pods and capsules compatible with different systems.  

The various blends, designed by an expert who has trained by participating in and passing courses held by the I.I.A.C (International Institute of Coffee Tasters), are made with selected, fine coffees, and a computerized system ensures constant roasting that enhances the quality, the intense and refined aroma and taste of our coffees.  

Among the coffee bean proposals, we offer: Excellent, Expresso Oro, Expresso and Extra blend, with a choice that ranges from mild to strong intensity.  

CRIMARK srl the best of Italian coffee “A coffee beyond the ordinary: taste and innovation in every bean”. Discover the aroma of excellence with CRIMARK srl. 

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