Customized and specialized team for tailor-made Wellness Concept & Project

Customized and specialized team for tailor-made Wellness Concept & Project

In an extremely competitive world where customers are more demanding every day, creating successful SPAs is increasingly complex and challenging.

To help you differentiate yourself and protect your investments, we founded  bbspa_Group, a global consulting  company dedicated to WELLNESS & SPA projects, which puts the focus on your success. The technical advice offered by bbspa is delivered via four  specialist  departments which offer turnkey services, developed to be in synergy with your objectives, budgets and performance expectations:

bbspa_Consulting our 360°managerial consulting for a full profit- able SPA business, we offer a full service experience to support you and your team at every stage of your wellness project. Our goal is to achieve your profit targets.

bbspa_Engineering  and  bbspa_ Building  together  put  their  specialist know-how at your service in  the  design  and  construction phase and are thus able to effectively support you, your architects and  your  entire  team,  advising them in the choices that will make yours SPA unique and profitable like  few  others, optimizing  time and costs at the same time of realization. – bbspa_Management  has  a  mission to translate the concept of spa into a profitable commercial reality through strong management.

bbspa’s eight values and objectives:

We  Protect your investments to maximize your profits. More  than just consulting: a practical and pragmatic approach. Synergistic services for turnkey spa projects Customized teams for tailor-made spa concepts and pro- jects.

Sustainable spa = Sustainable business.

We share bbspa_Group’s network  and  expertise to build your success. Use your unique style to forge a profitable business. Work with us to build a Wellness & SPA Community bbspa_Group operates internationally, thanks to its vast network of international partners, with a special focus on European and Asian markets, but always ready to take up challenges wherever they are;

Also because ours plans for the next few years is to become the leading independent consultancy firm  for  Wellness&SPA  investors worldwide.

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