Bencore is an innovative, technological and sustainable brand

Bencore is an innovative, technological and sustainable brand

For some years it has activated internal procedures in so as to create eco-sustainable products in full respect for the environment around us.

It starts from high quality recycled raw materials, which are combined with durability and resistance, make the average life of the product is very long so as to less burden on the our planet. The raw materials chosen are easy recycling and therefore at the end of the product’s life cycle can be 100% separated and recycled.

Products Bencore are sustainable as they have no impact on the environment since at the end of their cycle can be recycled and reused. The recycling phase it is very important because it is the key aspect in life of the object itself. For this reason Bencore withdraws the own products at the end of the life cycle to proceed with the recycling phase, thus creating an additional value e giving the material a second life. Bencore products have another important feature to insist on raw material choice: lightness.

This makes it so that a Bencore product is much lighter than a homologous in glass or in another material, thus decreasing transportation and storage costs. Bencore also uses other types of materials such as glass, cardboard and aluminum that are totally recyclable and perfectly sanitizable.

The use of Bencore panels, in the last period, has also proved very useful in the restaurant environment setting, as it is possible to insert the Bencore Upset panels between two tables as a protective partition and full respect of privacy.

In the restaurant, La Lucerna Di Ferro, Upset by Ecoben Wave Green Cast were used, a composite panel for interior architecture with a honeycomb core in recycled cardboard composes of overlapping corrugated surfaces 5mm apart, laminated with eco-resin, with transparent and satin finishes.

ECOBEN WAVE Green Cast can be used for walls, doors, tables, shelves, partitions and many other applications in interior architecture with a high design content and attentive to the natural or recycled origin of the materials.

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