AMICI MIEI: quality, hospitality, and expertise

AMICI MIEI: quality, hospitality, and expertise

A successful reality in the world of catering

Quality, cordiality and a welcoming atmosphere. The philosophy of Alessio Murolo is to satisfy the most demanding customers with his dish es that he prepares with the great est care and expertise in his two restaurants in Lissone, Brianza. The two pizzeria restaurants have exponentially grown over the years and they both share the same idea of quality. Quality in the selection of the ingredients, and in the choice of the furniture and tableware all Made in Italy.
Hundreds of companies in the Italian HO.RE.CA industry offer high level solutions and products to meet the needs of restaurants, bars and other public clubs with different budgets and targets.

“We like to have a chat with our customers, many of whom are regulars: a good talk and a couple of words at the restaurant make people feel comfortable and allow us to explain our dishes in detail. The two restaurants are very different one from another: Amici miei Cucina & Pizza, located in the heart of the city center, has 40 seats and a fair amount of regular customers. It was founded in 2010 and since then it’s been known for its friendly and cosy atmosphere, with pictures of old black and white classic films on the walls. The other restaurant is called Amici miei Cucina & Pizza and is located in Santa Margherita. It opened two years ago and has 200 seats with a high turnover of customers. The restaurant has been completely renovated and has two floors: the first floor is made of wood and has big windows, which give the restaurant an open and bright atmosphere. The choice of cutlery and tableware also contributes to this modern environment: “We have long and narrow forks, and wide rim soup plates. We love quality and we love to offer it to our customers, that’s why we choose our suppliers with great care. Our pizza is baked in beech wood fired ovens, and is quite bigger than the standard pizza: “it has a diameter of 40 cm and is thin, unlike the Neapolitan pizza”.

What about the menu?
Our menu is very classic and consists of revisited dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. We have specials every day and the menu changes every year, but we keep unaltered the most loved dishes of our regular customers”. The wine list is also remarkable: “We have about thirty wines and cover most of the Italian regions”.

Our ingredients, in general, come from Italy, however, since our number one priority is quality we can choose raw materials coming from other countries: “At the moment the best octopus comes from Morocco and this is what we serve. We are always very honest with our customers and we like to describe the food they are about to eat. And this is very much appreciated”.

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