Agrumarie Riunite

Agrumarie Riunite

Agrumarie Riunite Siciliane is a business company of Agrumaria Corleone, leader in processing Sicilian citrus fruit. It is one of the first to have introduced fruit concentrates on the market for hotel breakfasts and now it offers a large selection of freshly juices and semi-finished products. Products and Brand Fruit is the key ingredient. Versatile and easy-to-use, they are perfect in hotel breakfasts and to produce ice cream, granita and sorbet. Our fruit juices are used in confectionery and cooking, in the production of craft beer or thirst-quenching beverages or cocktails. The HORECA sector is also catered for our range of products.

Naturalia: 100% natural juices made with fresh Sicilian fruit (not from concentrate): Lemon, Orange, Red Orange, Mandarin from Ciaculli, Pomegranate; frozen immediately after pressing, packaged in practical bags or in bag in box. Used with our citrus essential oils cold pressed, they give excellent results in confectionery and cooking sweet and savoury dishes. Granì: a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Fruit and sugar semi-finished products, simply to dilute with water to make a delicious Lemon, Mandarin, Pistachio, Almond, Strawberry or Mulberry flavoured sicilian granita. Bevipiù: room-temperature fruit concentrates from high quality fruit. Perfect for breakfast beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and as a granita base.
Upgrade: high quality fruit pulps and syrups created to meet the demands of the more modern barkeepers and bartenders, perfect for cocktails, smoothies and garnishes. With citrus Cocktail finishes your customer make a unique sensory and olfactory experience.
Visit us at Sigep 2020:
Pav A2 Stand 046 and get to know all the novelties of Agrumarie.

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