A Story about One team, one problem, one solution

A Story about One team, one problem, one solution

A picture that went around the world: sea turtle with plastic straw in its nose. 

Single-use plastic straws account for the largest share of single-use plastic at 36.4 billion tonnes. Their decomposition time is given as 500 years. According to a statistical projection, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050. 


EU-wide ban on single-use plastic by 2021 In order to counteract the pollution of the environment by single-use plastic, the European Union enacted an EU-wide ban on single-use plastic products in 2018, starting in 2021. 

The HalmBrüder 

If everyone individually is willing to change something, we can change the world as a large community. We want to change the world – how flexible are you?” 

Problem: Weaknesses of previous materials in terms of flexibility, taste, durability or ecological aspects.  

Consequence: No alternative to flexible plastic straws, which promise the same drinking experience and are practicable for gastronomy and for people with disabilities.  

The solution: The Turtleneck® Straw – The first bendable alternative that eliminates all the weaknesses of previous alternatives and’ can be used flexibly and still looks good. 

…the Turtleneck® Straw  

A straw for everyone. Bendable. Stylish. Sustainable.  

Der Turtleneck® Straw is… 

 patented and. Design Patent/Gebrauchsmuster DE-GM DE 20 2019 106 395 U1. The use of our flexible stainless-steel tube for this reusable straw had several advantages for them: it eliminated all weaknesses such as cleaning, break resistance or taste neutrality that all previously developed straw alternatives had, and additionally also allowed the construction of a straw with a flexible mouthpiece that can be used straight OR bent. 

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