INFINITE GOOD REASONS FOR CHOOSING A GREAT BUSINESS PARTNER: WIBIT Wibit Sports offers the best that an aquatic center can. Wibit aims to provide entertainment in complete safety, and the new and well-known offerings of the TUV certified German company is a certainty of strengthened or renewed attractive appeal for a large target audience from 4 years and up.

With Wibit KIDS, the German company and world market leader offers tons of fun for its youngest visitors (from 4 years to 1.5 meters tall), guaranteeing new customer flows in indoor pools during the winter season. The KIDS line offers solid entertainment in pools with a maximum depth of 1.30 meters, along with and quick and easily removable installations. The Kids Run, KidsTruck, and KidsCourse offered for children ensure unforgettable moments of pure aquatic fun.

For more information: info@aqquatixfun.com or info@aqquatix.com and visit www.aqquatix.com

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