The classic recipe of Polara beverages

The classic recipe of Polara beverages

A sip of nostalgia and a dip into the soul of Sicily

Drinks from a bygone era are back: those thirst-quenching beverages from the Good Old Days when Italians scooted around on Lambrettas and street vendors roamed Sicily selling cool fizzy drinks flavored with anise or citron: homemade creations of water, sugar, and luscious Sicilian citrus fruits.

To offer today’s customers the natural good-ness of yesterday, here at Polara we set out to rediscover our own roots as well as Sicily’s. We’ve gathered the best and most characteristic fruit (blood oranges, lemons, chinotto orange, citron) from this pristine island and have recreated the secrets, techniques, and formulas behind the classic recipe  dating from Polara’s early days, when citrus juice was transformed into refreshing soft drinks. Aromas  from  long-ago, authentic flavors, and an elegant vintage label: our old-fashioned drinks are made with quality ingredients  and  will satisfy  discerning  consumers who love a stroll down memory lane.

Polara from 1953 to today

Deep roots in the region and a flexibility that makes us stand out in the beverage market With our hearts firmly rooted in tradition, we have sixty years of experience and a proven ability to innovate: these are the ingredients that have allowed our Modica-based company to grow and thrive in the soft drink industry. This winning combination has allowed Polara to hold a dominant position in the beverage market while expanding our distribution.

Our  wide  range of products  –  for large-scale retail stores as well as HORECA  –  grew  even  further  in  2008 with a vintage line of drinks typical of the ’50s and ’60s. All our products have two things in common: high production standards and a careful selection of raw materials.

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