The ancient tradition that meets the most modern cultivation techniques

The ancient tradition that meets the most modern cultivation techniques

Just to give you an idea of the historical background, the estate has been in the de Puppi family for generations. Of Tuscan origins, the de Puppi’s descend from the renowned Guidi family, lords of Poppi (Arezzo), but the war between the Guelfi’s and Ghibellini’s in the XIIth and XIIIth century created a conflict within the family and, as a result, a branch left Tuscany and settled in Friuli; thus creating a new story.

Once established in the region, the family took part in the council of the nobility in Cividale. Land owners and leaders of mercenary troops, they gave to Friuli a series of prominent figures who distinguished themselves in politics, law and in the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

In recognition of their important contribution, in 1703 Leopold I of Austria honored the family with the title of Counts of the Holy Roman Empire.

But beyond history, the family has always played an active role in viticulture, now combining innovation with a firm belief in tradition and respect for the land, all managed by a young generation. We own 30 hectares splitted in two different are – as: the first surrounds the winery in Moimacco, the second is in Rosazzo and Manzano, with a total production of about 80.000 bottles and two different selections.

The de Puppi one is the basic, characterized by fresher and more easy-drinkable wines; instead the Rosa Bosco is the higher selection with more structure and complexity, aged in barrels for a few months/years.


The ancient tradition that meets the most modern cultivation techniques. The estate has been in the de Puppi family for generations. Of Tuscan origins, the de Puppi’s descend from the renowned Guidi family, lords of Poppi in Casentino. A branch of the family left Florence and settled in Friuli in 1200. Thus creating a new story, that of the de Puppi’s.

The property occupies two sites, one of approximately ten hectares in the hills of Rossazzo in the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, an area which favors the production of high quality wines. The second site found in Moimacco (3 km from Cividale) is of around twenty hectares and is also where the family villa and cellars are located.

WHITE WINES: Chardonnay, Friulano, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Ribolla Gialla

RED WINES: Merlot, Refosco dPR, Cabernet Sauvignon

REFOSCO CATE: Is the result of a selection of our top refosco’s varieties, aged in French oaked barrels

RIBOLLA GIALLA SPUMANTE EXTRA-DRY: Very fresh and delicate sparkling wine, made with Charmat method.

ROSA BOSCO RB label was born in 1998 for Rosa Bosco’s will, a wine accomplisher, a small legend in the Friuli’s oenology world.

For many years Rosetta bought the grape from vine growers, who let her grow the vineyard in accordance with her requirements. Rosetta makes wine with a specific aim: the quality without compromises.

In July 2006 Rosetta transferred the headquarter to the cellar of conti de Puppi, in Moimacco, near Cividale del Friuli. “Villa de Puppi“ is an historic farm and drives its origins in the region’s story since 1300.

Rosetta great experience and savoire faire, together with old traditions and the newest tecnologies in wine-making of “Villa de Puppi” allow to obtain the top of quality.

The selection of Rosa Bosco wines: Very par fumed RIBOLLA GIALLA A rich SAUVIGNON BLANC A structured MERLOT “IL BOSCOROSSO”

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