Bialetti and Italian Espresso: Rediscovering the Ritual of Coffee

Bialetti and Italian Espresso: Rediscovering the Ritual of Coffee

Italian espresso is known around the world for its quality and excellence. Bialetti embodies this history and celebrates it with a collection inspired by Italy’s most beloved cities: Milan, Venice, Rome, and Naples, represented through the aroma of coffee. A sensory journey ready to be exported worldwide.

If there’s a single aroma that’s able to make any Italian feel at home, embraced in a suspended moment, it’s definitely that of coffee.

Coffee is a daily ritual which engages all of the senses: smell and taste of course, but also sight, with the cream offering a prelude to enjoyment, touch as the hand caresses the warm cup, and finally hearing, with the sound of the gurgling moka pot.

Coffee in Italy isn’t a beverage, it’s a moment, a perfect, finite, and gratifying fraction of time.

This is the philosophy with which Bialetti has exported the ritual of coffee around the world, recreating a corner of Italy even thousands of kilometers away from Coccaglio, in the heart of Lombardy, where the coffee beans are roasted.

Thanks to the products available for the professional sector, the perfect espresso can today be found everywhere from Mumbai to Detroit, and there isn’t an Italian out there who doesn’t immediately recognize its flavour.

The ability to appreciate it, even for non-Italians, is akin to automatically understanding the allure of a Ferrari: some things are just instinctive.

The range of professional blends was inspired by four Italian cities. Tasting them is like taking a trip through Italy, from the north of the peninsula all the way to the south, experiencing every aspect of the ritual, because if it’s true that coffee provides a break from our routine, then it’s also true that it assumes different cultural values depending on where you are.

Thus Milano, the city of fashion and aperitifs, with its frenetic pace and the sound of the trams rattling by in the background, reveals full floral notes and a soft flavour: a delicate version of coffee, like the elegance of certain outfits. Its 100% Arabica (Colombia Excelso) grows slowly at an elevation of 2300 metres, providing large beans of outstanding quality.

Meanwhile, Venezia is enchanting, with a story that recalls the past, when coffee first arrived from the East on wooden ships, exuding a spicy vanilla aroma. To recreate this, today the monsooning technique is used, or rather the practice of allowing the Indian monsoon winds to caress the plants for months, before pouring their product into our cups.

Roma is intense and powerful, like the capital of Italy, regaling us with tales of emperors and heroes. Its Flores-origin coffee can’t help but present you with cocoa and vanilla notes, in a perfect balance between Arabica and Robusta.

Finally, Napoli exudes all of its Neapolitan vitality with a dark roast and deep body as well as a persistent flavour of chocolate and spices. A coffee of India Cherry origins, for those who, without mincing words, love the sincerity of an espresso which leaves its mark.

The perfect coffee offers a balanced flavour. Herein lies the true art of blending and roasting according to the traditional “rotating drum” method, which creates the typical aroma of Italian espresso. An aroma which is evaluated by a team of professionals from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, in order to always provide an impeccable experience.

It’s strange to think that this marvelous alchemy, as well as the success of an Italian company whose moka pot is on display at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan and the MoMA in New York City, can be attributed first and foremost to the genius of one man, Alfonso Bialetti, who had a simple, yet stimulating, objective: that of preparing bar quality coffee at home.

The moka pot was born in his laboratory – in a journey that began in 1933 and continues unfalteringly to this day – and his ingenuity, inspired by futurism (it’s no coincidence that the material used is steel: fast, strong, and durable, like caffeine), was the first step in a success story made possible and continued by his son, Renato, who is immortalized in the brand.

For the restaurant, bar, and hotel sector, Bialetti offers professional machines that are capable of adapting to various environments, with characteristically elegant lines and an unfailing attention to design.

Completing the range of products is a series of service and communication materials that recreate a typically Italian atmosphere in different environments. A collection of objects, including espresso cups, that make it possible to give one’s business enormous personality and to capitalize on the relevance and reputation of the brand to one’s own benefit.

Bialetti today exports to five continents, allowing consumers everywhere to experience the ritual of Italian coffee. The aroma of espresso makes people feel at home in every corner of the world.

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