Solutions for efficient spaces

Solutions for efficient spaces

STEFRA is a small design firm established in 1988. We design conceptual stores, unique locations and interior furnishings for commercial businesses such as hotels, bars, restaurants, health/beauty retailers, pharmacies, opticians and fashion stores.

Over the years, we have built on extensive experience gained in the industry not to mention the trust of our loyal client base. The nature of our  projects and the ability  to complete them quickly have grown as exponentially as we have. Work with us and enjoy the benefits of master craftsmanship, quality materials and decades of experience.

Our Italian-made business model has led us to conquer not only the local Italian market but also experience  success  overseas. We have worked in the following industries: health/ beauty, eyewear, fashion and events.

We guide our clients through all the stages of the onboarding process, from creation to design and prototyping  to after-sales  support. Our considerable experience in furnishing locations and retail spaces serves to benefit any creative project or idea.

First, we brainstorm and discuss taste, style and end goals. Our staff compares trends, materials and logistical issues that need to be considered for the project and ways to optimise the current space available. Using the best lighting we work on enhancing features such as windows and work areas.

We offer our client’s extensive experience as craftsmen combined with the desire to meet the particular needs of each client no matter what industry.


Some of STEFRA’s most important clients are top hotels that requested modern interior design solutions to enhance the premises whilst guaranteeing the versatility of environments. Hospitality Design.

Our experience processing raw materials combined with modern design and top work standards allow us to furnish eateries and hospitality locations  without disturbing  the  kitchen. We turn your display ideas into reality using innovative solutions.

Our team of professionals use innovation, premium materials and ‘Made in Italy’ knowhow to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Looking to furnish your property with functional and attractive tailor made interiors?

STEFRA is a dynamic partner ability able to work with the latest interior design trends to make your dream a reality.

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