SMARTPOLE CHARGER: the innovative solution for the electromobility market

SMARTPOLE CHARGER: the innovative solution for the electromobility market

June 17, 2020

Let’s plug into electromobility – subsidies for charging station combined with street lighting – SMARTPOLE CHARGER

Growing electromobility market creates new opportunities but also challenges.
More and more people are choosing eco-friendly electric vehicles and looking for places to recharge them. In this situation, the installation of the EV-charging station – SMARTPOLE CHARGER, which combines the function of charging vehicles and street lighting, will be a great help.

According to the EU directive, from March 10, 2020 new and renovated residential buildings and office buildings with more than ten parking spaces must be equipped with wiring enabling the installation of EV-charging stations. The answer to this demand is SMARTPOLE CHARGER, i.e. a charging station (2x8kW, Type 2 sockets) for e-vehicles and a charging
point for e-bikes and electric scooters.

EV-charger was built into a lighting pole made of polyester-glass composites. This solution perfectly combines the possibility of charging electric vehicles with the function of street lighting. What is more the station can be produced in different colours or with custom pattern, logos or restaurant or hotel name.

For architects and designers, this gives broad possibilities of adapting the appearance of chargers to the surroundings in which they will be installed. In addition to its functionality, SMARTPOLE CHARGER is an aesthetic element of the small infrastructure of the designed facilities.

Eco-friendly electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. It is not difficult to imagine the situation when your client – businessman, at the airport, chooses an EV vehicle, after the day is over, he wants to go to a hotel where he will be able to recharge his vehicle overnight, and go to work again in the morning. No stops, breaks and no need to charge at
the station or in the city. Simple? Yes. If you have SMARTPOLE CHARGER, i.e. an electric car charger located in the lighting pole.

Such an investment is an eligible cost within the subsidies, which can cover a significant part of the costs, thus leading to large savings. This way you can get a charging station for e-vehicles and a charging point for e-bikes and electric scooters for much lower price! And you get the lighting pole with a dedicated pattern and illumination from inside for free!

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