Sanitars NaturAll

Sanitars NaturAll

Sanitars NaturAll cotton fibre napkins and table-top are the result of 40 years of experience gained from manufacturing cotton products since the company formation in 1971.
Sanitars focus has always been on new technology, quality, innovation and to be a leading company in the production of disposable items for hygiene and personal care by integrating all stages of the production process from the raw cotton to the finished product.

NaturAll cotton fibre napkins are a “revolution” as they combine the ease of single-use to the quality and natural character of cotton. The special weave, from which the product is made, gives a better tear and water resistance compared to current products made in cellulose wadding and, therefore a higher absorbency.

All our products are designed and produced with the total respect for the environment, to create new design solutions in order to satisfy all market trends.


NaturAll products are made in pure cotton which is coming from agriculture and not from trees’ pulp, avoiding the deforestation.

Cotton is 100% biodegradable: no environment pollution.

Our products are thought to join on every table the perfect mix of elegance, color and energy.

Thanks to this, in 2015 at the HOST fair, we won the INNOVATION SMART LABEL, for products with a high content of innovation that seek to break with and move beyond the established trends in the industry.

At Naturall we are passionate about being getting over field trend, through continued commitment in the innovation, R&D and high quality; to create new design solutions for table-top.

We have the ambition always to convey elegance with our products, keeping high standard and quality of a new and 100% natural product.

Why choosing NaturAll table-top:


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