Production of upholstered furniture

Production of upholstered furniture

Swan Italia was founded in 1963 and it is specialized  in  the  production  of  upholstered  furniture.  Its  company  philosophy is based on a perfect combination of efficient  quality  standards,  meticulous  attention to detail and technical production knowledge. Swan is synonymous with quality upholstered furniture and, thanks to the entirely Italian production, the creation of its own exclusive design projects, the use of traditional typical Italian processes, the use of semi-finished products produced exclusively in Italy, the use of first quality raw materials and components and the creation of products that comply with the safety standards in use, fully meets the requirements to have the official «100% Made in Italy» certification since 2011. During the over fifty-five years of activity, Swan has established itself on the national and international market where it is now present in about 60 countries. Swan pays special attention to the development of the market and contemporary  design  trends  and  has  been working  with  famous  architects  and designers for many years. From 2012 the company collab. Since 2012 the company has been collaborating with the architect Francesco Lucchese who designs the Hemingway sofa, one of the company’s best sellers. HEMINGWAY is a modular sofa with a spacious seat , harmoniously combining maximum functionality with the comfort that distinguishes all Swan furnishings. The concept was developed to respond to the specific and ever evolving needs of contemporary living and the search for solutions dedicated to personal comfort. A built-in mechanism allows for a movement of the backrest which modifies the depth  of  the  seat,  thus  providing  two different  user  configurations:  a  relaxation mode for quietly resting when the backrest is open and a more dynamic conversation mode when the backrest is closed. The  modules  are  combined  with  the platform  concept  to  create  extensive relaxation areas; volumes are visibly taut but, at the same time, fully reveal their pleasing softness thanks to a deep-button upholstery which traces a sumptuous decorative motif over the entire surface of the seat and backrest, which also suggests the possibility of a spectacular centre room arrangement. The  leather  armrest  of  minimal  lines contrasts with the generous volumes supporting the softness of the cushions. Particular attention has been focused on the leather trims evidenced by the refinement of a sartorial work- manship which enhances the cushion by  transforming  it  into  an  authentic fashion accessory. Thanks to the versatility of the com- positions and the wide range of fabrics available, Hemingway finds its place both  in  residential  environments  and in contract projects such as hotels and spaces for entertainment.

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