Producing Pietra di Langa and Natural Stones

Producing Pietra di Langa and Natural Stones

ALP di Berchialla is an Italian Family Company specialized in working and selling natural stones for interiors and exteriors walls, floorings, stairs, swimming pools,  kitchens, fountains, flower boxes  etc… We are locateci in North Italy, in the little town of  Cortemilia, in Upper Langhe  “Alta Langa” in the South of Piedmont.

Here we extract the typical Langa Stone’s, (Pietra di Langa®) from the quarry  named Cava Alice by our daughter’s  name, our exclusive  property. Langa Stone is a sandstone with mix colours between beige to grey. It is extracted from the soil respecting the environment and it is suitable for different productions. Our company carefully attends to the customer choosing the most suitable materiai to any use and taste. It provides as well customized works on demand with his qualified professionals, expert in the stone processing techniques. Pietra di Langa® is a stone extracted and processed exclusively in Italy, we select and process it in our factories by hand and with technological equipment. It is provided with the CE Certification.

OUR PRODUCTS Our main products are natural splitted stones or sawn stones for cladding, building and flooring:  small  blocks, stones of reduced thickness,  cubes, setts, crazy  paving,  etc. We has also selected other natural stones to offer the customer the best choice for his house.  These  are  mainly  sandstones  and  quartzites  from lndian  quarries,  periodically visi- ted to check the quality. We offer customized works and project developments on demand, such as: fireplaces, worktops,  vanity  tops,  barbeque, fountains,  sinks,  planters, etc…

Every day we work to beautify  houses,  internal and external  espaces,  swimming  pools and gardens,  kitchen and  bathrooms,  hand crafted ornaments,  etc We invite you to visit our website that exposes our products in detail and shows our realizations.

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