Polara Sicily Organic range

Polara Sicily Organic range

The wonderful history of Sicilian soft drinks enriched by the virtue of organic fruit.

With experience spanning over sixty years, we are looking at the present and the future: Polara is representing the wonderful history of traditional drinks. Since Autumn, we have added value to our brand with the virtue of organic fruit, by turning Sicilian grown citrus fruits, iconic symbols of this land of light, into routine daily refreshment.

The recently launched Sicily organic range is firstly an activity linked to the culture of food, in accordance with Polara‘s mission. The company encourages a new way of drinking healthily, in part tethered to the quality of produce and traditions but now designed with modern consumers in mind that is those who are even more attentive to wellness and who are always ready and willing to experience new flavours.

To do this, Polara employs an even more meticulous search of the best organic crops of citrus fruits from those with the Italian certification of quality DOP and IGP, regulated by strict procedural guidelines: fine varieties, that have reliable territorial origin and which are retraceable right back to the trustworthy hands of the island’s farmers.

Careful selection to ensure the most authentic flavour; these soft drinks demonstrate a concentration of juices which are of a much higher standard than average, preserving the richness of the sensorial properties that only our fruit can offer.

In this way, Polara values the beneficial nature of Sicilian citrus fruits, enhancing the nutritional quality of each fruit. As in the Orange Soda with 22% of juice from the juicy pulp of delicate organic Dop certified Ribera oranges, rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, mineral nutrients and sugars.

Or the one with 22% of intense and unmistakable juice of IGP certified Sicilian blood oranges, rich in the same vitamins, potassium, antioxidants and pectin, great for keeping cholesterol under control.

And we prepare our lemonade with 15% juice from organic IGP certified lemons from Siracusa, with the enchanting scent and the rich juice of Femminello variety, but also the Gassosa, stemming from the natural infusion of the same lemons, and also Cedrata and Chinotto.

Even here, Polara dedicates special attention to the traditions of Sicilian drinks vendors; such as, Mandarin and Lemon, and some even more ancient Mediterranean drinks, like Pomegranate juice.

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