Plust Collection

Plust Collection

Plust Collection: the new plastic generation.

Since 2006, the Italian brand Plust Collection – the Euro3plast design brand – has been exploring the potential of plastic by proposing product ranges for bar counters, tables, chairs, pots, accessories and lights. The results are a world of new possibilities for indoor and outdoor furniture, modelled by the creativity of acknowledged designers who interpret the plastic materials with resins that are hardwearing, lightweight and beautifully colored.

The company’s design skills, attention to detail, quality raw materials and state-of-the-art processing techniques, come together to offer certified and entirely Italian-made products, all in full respect of the environment. Euro3plast obtained the certifications for the best warranty and safety standards, as well as awards for the innovative manufacturing systems.

Following this line of design and quality, the Frozen range, designed by Matteo Ragni and Maurizio Prina, includes a wide range of items: the linear and angular Frozen Desk, matched with the Frozen Stool tall stool, the Frozen Table dining table, the Frozen Chair armchair, comfortable and equipped with a drainage hole that can also be used as a handle, the slender Frozen Lamp lamp, and, last but not least, the Frozen Display.

Characterized by strongly geometric surfaces, the collection is available in many colors, from the neutral white, black and sand, to the vibrant blue, green and gold, which furnish all contexts with great personality.

The bar counter is modular and available in two width solutions, which allow a great versatility of use. The Frozen Display, a modular free-standing element, is just perfect to be joined to the bar counter and to optimize the organization of the space in the restaurant work environment.

The range is also available in the lit version, which enhances its surfaces, creating spectacular light effects of wonderful emotional impact. Also, plays with geometries and volumes run through the body of Frozen Lamp, with its slender shape and solid base, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The collection designed by Cédric Ragot, Planet, combines plastic material and wood in the composition of table and chairs, available in many colors. Lean and rounded lines give shape to a versatile item for both inside and outside use.

Bold Family, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, is made up of armchair and sofa, characterized by comfy lines and broad and deep seats, completed by cushions. The coffee table completes the furnishing proposal, creating elegant and cosy indoor and outdoor settings. All articles are also available in lit versions: their suffused lighting enhances the soft shapes, creating an environment of intimate atmosphere.

There are many options for pots and accessories, in line with the Plust Collection production, which has always privileged elegance and essentiality through a precious workmanship both in terms of quality and finishings. Here too, the attention to linearity is enhanced by specific processings, matched with new choices in terms of colors and materials.

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