PEAK: the Colombo Design handle that plays with light

PEAK: the Colombo Design handle that plays with light

Elegance without excess is absolute beauty

Colombo Design is pleased to present Peak: the innovative and fascinating handle, skillfully created by Patrick Jouin, one of the most influent contemporary designers.

“How can you draw evidence? I did not sketch Peak, but let my hand instinctively sculpt it. A door handle is first and foremost an object that you touch, whose grip must be obvious,’ says Patrick Jouin.

Peak is the embodiment of the art of the entrance, a creation destined to leave its mark on interior design projects. This extraordinary handle was designed with the intention of combining form and function, combining aesthetics and ergonomics in an unprecedented way.

Peak’s inspiration comes from the clean, sharp lines of the ridges that rise and fall in the surrounding mountains. Its linearity subtly recalls these natural forms, creating a design that fuses art with nature.

What makes Peak truly unique is the play of light on its surface. The material is sculpted by light, revealing discreet and refined curves. The observer can gradually discover the hidden beauty of this handle by approaching it, while its character becomes more and more evident and convincing, intuitively guiding the hand towards it.

Peak blends harmoniously into any environment, like a jewel set in a precious frame. Its refined design enriches the surrounding space, adding a touch of elegance and style.

Peak is not just a handle, but an artistic statement, a combination of form and function that elevates the concept of access to a higher level. Peak is the embodiment of the art of entry, a creation destined to leave its mark on interior design projects.


Manufactured in Cromall®, our Peak handle line is available in Chrome, Cromat, Neromat and PVD-treated finishes: Oromat, Vintage Mat, Graphite Mat.

Peak includes door handles and window handles: handles on rose with and without key escutcheons, narrow escutcheon handles, Dreh-Kipp handles.

Certified ‘6 MILLIMETERS CONCEPT’ by Colombo Design: door handles on rose do not require additional machining on the door.For more information on Peak and how it can enrich your environment, please visitthe site.


Colombo Design has been producing door and window handles distributed throughout the world since 1991.Colombo Design is an innovative, design-oriented family company founded in 1990. A point of reference for Made in Italy in the design and production of bathroom accessories and handles for doors, windows and furniture.

Creativity, know-how, attention to detail, manufacturing excellence and local production are distinctive elements of the company, recognized internationally for the quality of its products, designed in collaboration with the most important designers and architecture studios worldwide.

The careful selection of materials and continuous investments in production technologies guarantee unique, durable products guaranteed for up to thirty years. Colombo Design finishes, the flagship of the company’s production, are the result of rigorous research and constant quality control.

The products are available in Polished and Satin Chrome, Antique Brass, Bronze and Antique Bronze, Graphite and Matt Graphite, Vintage and Matt Vintage, Biancomat, Neromat, Nickelmat, Oroplus and Oromat finishes.

The company has an exclusive HPS (High Protection System) treatment system that uses the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) manufacturing process, whose protective characteristics against atmospheric agents guarantee the products brilliance and resistance to corrosion over time.

There are eight exclusive PVD finishes, with a 30-year guarantee: Graphite, Matt Graphite, Vintage, Matt Vintage, Oroplus, Oromat, Zirconium Gold, Zirconium Stainless Steel.

Our extensive product catalog is divided into the following areas:

• HANDLES: door and window handles – Contemporary – Mood


• FORMAE: furniture handles and knobs

• ANTOLOGHIA : antique handcrafted door and window handles

Great attention has always been paid to environmental sustainability through the adoption of a “Green Made” approach aimed at conserving nature, from which designers draw inspiration for their creations. Colombo Design pursues eco-compatibility objectives and has adopted an EN UNI ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

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