MOVIBAR flair on the move!

MOVIBAR flair on the move!

MOVIBAR is a modular system designed to create a professional Bar Counter or reception desk, in any location, outdoor or indoor.

The modules are designed for a long-lasting durability. Materials like anodized aluminium, high pressured  laminated, stainless steel and high thickness plexiglass, used to build our products, makes MOVIBAR the perfect  choice also for outdoor use. The focus is on quality and durability, which is why we do not use moulded plastic materials.

The frontal panels (customer side) give to MOVIBAR its characteristic design. The body of the module can be equipped with machinery and professional systems like refrigerators, ice maker, glass washer. Each Module has a high-quality stainless steel worktop where could be installed sinks, cocktail stations, ice bowls, drink dispenser, waste bins and all the normal accessories needed in a professional bar counter. Normal  cleaning  and  the  eventually replacement of spare parts, has been designed to be easy and immediate.

MOVIBAR can be illuminated  with RGBW led lights.

You can choose for an elegant white light or a vast range of colours and light sequences.

LED lights also illuminate the worktop. The lighting systems are designed for the outdoors use and are easy to maintain.

The  modules  have  wheels  with  a strong brake system and a good load capacity so they can be easily moved  anywhere  without  remove the installed equipment.

MOVIBAR can be placed and composed any time that is needed, creating any time an elegant Bar Counter with a different shape or dimension.

The system is also ever adjustable increasing the size by adding modules.

The counter bar can be completed also with our range of Bottles Rack, Buffet and accessories. MOVIBAR. Professional, Modular, Elegant.

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