Mauro Oliveti architect has graduated in architecture at the IUAV university of Venice in 1998, with  the  architectural  composition  thesis  entitled “The terminal of Fusina”, with Prof. Eleonora Mantese. He founded his office in Jesolo, Via Silvio Trentin 13, metropolitan city of Venice.

From 1992 until 1998 he carried out several collaborations: collaboration with Tosetto company for exhibitions in Veneto Region and the Venice Biennale; collaboration with the office of Arch. Meneghel  dealing  with  interior  furnishings  of commercial activities: restaurants, bars and hotels; collaboration with Prof. E. Mantese for the realization of the project related to the National Competition for the implementation of a heat exchanger terminal in the Fusina-Venice area.

Since February 2000 he has been working as a freelancer with the following main duties: – Collaboration with Ongaretto Marin Engineering for the drafting of the architectural project of a parking lot in Mestre “Favaro B” – Design  of  a  scenographic  entrance in the S. Francesco ourist Village, Caorle Conservative restoration project of Casa Bianca Hotel, Jesolo – Conservative restoration project with change of use in the Urban Design Hotel, Trieste – Renovation project of the Red Sea Hotel, Massaua, Eritrea – Interior  design  interventions in Le Soleil 4-star hotel in Jesolo – Design and construction supervision of Vega Palace, Le Vele, Bafjle residential buildings; and Siempre Mar residential village, Jesolo – Design in-progress of: Villa Lidia, Beach Grill, Mafalda residential buildings; Sofia and Sant’Elena Hotels, Jesolo. In 2021 Arch. Samuele Barichello joined the team with whom the office is dealing with some international competitions and private projects.

He graduated in 2017 from IUAV (bachelor) and then in 2020 cum Laude from the Politecnico of Milan (master degree) with a thesis entitled “Tonle Sap Lake: a strategy of development for a fragile waterland”.

He worked for 6 months at the renowned office of Sauerbruch Hutton in Berlin.

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