Kili Caffe’: An exciting journey in the magic world of coffee

Kili Caffe’: An exciting journey in the magic world of coffee

Coffee is a unique experience, a warm hug in a cold morning, an intense scent that wakes us up and comforts us. Coffee is history, it’s passion and tradition that leads through breathtaking landscapes. This is our philosophy, Kili Caffe’s philosophy!

Kilimanjaro’s charm

Kili caffe’ finds its inspiration from the mountain Kilimanjaro, the extraordinary mountain of Africa. Kilimanjaro is located between Tanzania and Kenya, this massive titan is 5,895 meters with its Vulcan that seem touching clouds.

The mountain dominates a wild and amazing landscape. Arabic here flourishes and grows in these extraordinary geographical and geological unique conditions producing amazing and high quality coffee beans.

Kilimanjaro represents adventure and discovery, characteristics that match with the inner soul of Kili caffe’.

Flavor of adventure

Our journey in the coffee’s world began in 1970, the founder Giuseppe Arena, from a simple seller of finished product in packs of 1 kilo, had the initiatives, the audacity and self-drive to add excellence to what became a business.

Mr. Arena explored Africa, central America and south America in search of the perfect coffee bean. The result? A complete coffee blend that arouses the authenticity of each region.

The re-brand : A new journey

Kili caffe’ recently initiated a re-branding. Looking at our “Linea vending”, with a different look and a innovative approach we decided to reveal and show the history behind our coffee with a modern new graphic.

Each design and color tells the legacy behind Kili caffe’. We want to make sure that each time you drink our coffee, every single sip will give you the sensation and overwhelming emotion that only a mountain so massive and amazing can give you.

One flavor, thousands emotions!

When you open a pack of Kili caffe’ it’s like opening a window to the world:an invitation to explore different cultures different traditions all through the taste.

When you will drink our coffee, you will not just drink “a coffee” but “the only coffee” that will lead you to the appealing lands that inspired our legacy and background.

Our Sicily

Our roots bring tradition and passion to our coffee factory.Our methods of roasting coffee beans aim to only one purpose quality and excellence!

Our package is based on 14 compatibility of capsules and coffee pods giving equal opportunities of excellence to all type of customers that buy coffee for their restaurants, bars etc.. Nobody should ever renounce or choosing between quality and affordability.

We offer private label service, by putting our experience at your service. Kili Caffe’ is the perfect combination of Sicilian tradition and high quality.

Fall in love and find out your-self about our journey through the magic world of coffee that begins with a sip in Sicily and will take you around the world!

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