March 30, 2020

Interno20 is not just another communication agency, but first and foremost a place that listens thinks and evaluates. A place that produces communication, inside a single and fully independent structure. The product of the creative process is immediately fed to the subsequent processing stage.

It could be the realization of three-dimensional models and high impact photo-realistic displays, or photoshoots produced within the premises. These are then transformed and modeled by our lab, in view of a press or web campaign, for a company catalog, for advertising services, or for the creation of suitable environments for the presentation of a project to a private or commercial audience. And this speed of interaction among the various stages of the process indeed brings fast and efficient answers. We make available innovative technology that through dynamic and interactive 360°C animation offers a view of the product from all angles. The user is directly involved in the discovery of the object: they can freely interact with it, checking it from all directions, and changing the zoom level, so that even the smallest detail can be clearly assessed. Compatible with all operating systems and browsers. Suitable for use on tablets and smartphones.

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