International Italian Coffee!

International Italian Coffee!

MIKAH Coffee is an Italian coffee brand present in most of the International coffee lobbies. Dealing with the coffee world’s excellence in all the coffee growing countries.

A dream made of passion and determination became reality in 1984. From a small shop in Milan to reaching over 45 countries on all the various continents; accomplished by Massimo Hakim CEO of Mikah Coffee.

A coffee brand made in Italy that thanks to its artisanal manufacturing and roasting processes have achieved high international standards over the years, maintaining the quality and elegance of its iconic blends.

The secret of this brand is the professionalism and dedication of a specialized team, which creates blends with a perfect aromatic balance, having as its characteristics a medium-light roast of the “Milanese” or “Lombard” style, to maintain the organoleptic proprieties of the precious raw materials from different origins.

The company imports conventional coffee from 18 different parts of the world, including Brazil, Panama, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia and Indonesia amongst many exotic others that complete all Mikah’s historical blends. The vast variety of coffee origins allows Mikah Coffee to offer lovers of the “black drink” different #mikahmoments for every cup served.

Mikah coffee is presented in various solutions to suit all brewing styles, being whole beans, ground coffee, capsules, pods and instant coffee. As part of Mikah’s collection you will also find specialty coffee from 12 different origins, 100% arabica coffee, decaffeinated, Turkish coffee in 3 varieties (Classic, with Cardamom or with Mastic Gum) and Organic Coffee from 8 different certified origins.

Perhaps the great step toward sustainability and continuous innovation pushes the company to dedicate a lot of resources to keep maintaining the quality of Mikah’s wide range of products to allow ethical choices, both for produces and for the environment.

Multiple varieties, for multiplies palates aiming to guarantee a delightful coffee break to all the citizens of the world with the soft and clean tasting notes of the naturally sweet artisan Italian coffee.

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