Innovative design and sustainability: the new pool facility by Preformati Italia in Biella

Innovative design and sustainability: the new pool facility by Preformati Italia in Biella

The elegance of geometric lines blends with the avant-garde construction methodologies to create a facility that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally considerate and energy-efficient. Surrounded by the vivid greenery of slopes transitioning into the Biella Alps, the pool constructed by Preformati Italia, designed by architect Andrea Zorio, is an impeccable example of how the purity of geometric lines can, in their simplicity, bring to life an elegant and refined work.

Nestled within a lush park planted with fine species, indeed, the 82 square meter pool serves as a meeting point between the main villa and the guesthouse, embodying a place of wellness and fun where one can converge and enjoy delightful social moments.

The rectangular pool includes a hydro-massage area embedded on one of the shorter sides and features two depth zones to fully experience the water’s potential. A comfortable wooden-decked solarium runs along its perimeter, allowing guests to relax under the sun between swims and facilitating the pool’s integration into the surrounding landscape—a result further enhanced by the use of large-format tiles and mosaics for the pool lining, whose color adds natural and appealing shades to the water.

Given the client’s need for a heated pool, usable also during the mid-seasons, and the requirement for rapid construction, Preformati Italia’s Klimapool system was employed, ensuring excellent thermal insulation, crucial since the water can be heated.

The structure benefits specifically from the insulating properties of its raw material, a high-quality expanded polymer composite, combined with reinforcing and waterproofing execution solutions. All pool elements produced with this technology have an energy efficiency far superior to “standard” materials like concrete and steel, ensuring high thermal performance, up to five times greater than a corresponding steel pool.

The polymer material used, combined with a fully integrated reinforced supporting structure, enabled the pool’s construction without the need for external retaining walls. Ideal for settings like hotels, spas, and hospitality facilities, the pool offers not only a luxurious refuge and relaxation but also serves as a significant attraction for guests.

Its ability to blend with the environment and provide different depths and relaxation zones, such as the hydro-massage area, makes it ideal for facilities aiming to offer an exclusive and personalized experience.

Moreover, the ease of landscape integration and its superior energy performance, thanks to the innovative Klimapool system, ensure these installations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also economically sustainable and practical for extended use. This is particularly beneficial for hospitality operators seeking to optimize operational costs while maintaining high standards of comfort and luxury for their clients.

The patented Klimapool system specifically includes a series of reinforcements within the walls, anchored to the underlying base and acting as counter-forces—against both the push of the water (from inside out) and the push of the soil (from outside in), as well as any additional unforeseen stresses.

The dimensions and quantity of these specific vertical reinforcements are evaluated based on the shape and size of the designed structure; they are then interconnected by a horizontal armor, usually executed at the top of the wall. The network of vertical and horizontal reinforcements is unified to the EPS structure and the reinforced concrete base through a concrete pour.

This EPS structure system, easy and quick to assemble, transforms it into a self-supporting element without the need for additional reinforcements or perimeter retaining walls, whether for in-ground or above-ground pools. A further strength of Preformati Italia’s Klimapool technology is undoubtedly its ability to significantly streamline the construction time of a pool.

Thanks to its features, it allows work to proceed in step with on-site construction and the preparation of EPS modules in the company, also facilitating the integration of plumbing where possible: Preformati Italia, indeed, places great importance on in-house production and pre-assembly, thus promptly responding to client requests and offering an efficient and high-quality service.

To maximize energy and heat savings allowed by using EPS for the structure, insulation of all water supply and return pipes, as well as compensation pools, was also implemented during construction, and a shutter cover was installed.

Another unique aspect of the project is the independence of the hydro-massage area from the main pool: the client expressed a desire for the hydro-massage zone to have a separate filtration system, a treatment plant, and even its own heating system.

The final result is an aquatic space immersed in the tranquility of a familiar setting, perfect for rejuvenating both spirit and body, all with an eye towards the environment, respected not just aesthetically but also practically through controlled performances and consumptions, for enduring well-being over time.

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