Innovation, Technological Excellence and Passion: in search of mechatronic perfection since 1985

Innovation, Technological Excellence and Passion: in search of mechatronic perfection since 1985

IPM Technologies and International Power Components (IPC) will unveil their innovative solutions at HOST 2023, taking place from October 13-17 in Milan.

This highly anticipated exhibition is about to open its doors in Milan and among the exhibitors of the event there will be International Power Components (IPC) and IPM Technologies, two companies that are part of the same industrial group and which are consolidating their position on the market with their cutting-edge solutions.

Specialized in various sectors, from Ho.Re.Ca. to Coffee, from Water to Vending, from Refrigeration to Ice, IPC and IPM will present during this event a series of products with high technological content, including diaphragm pumps, fans, electric motors (steppers, brushless, universal, synchronous and asynchronous) and gearmotors.

IPM diaphragm pumps: a benchmark in terms of efficiency and reliability

IPM Technologies will present at HOST 2023 a complete range of their latest generation diaphragm pumps, which offer efficiency and safety in multiple applications related to water treatment and glycol management in refrigeration environments.

From Ho.Re.Ca. devices that require precise dosages and high reliability, to water purification systems that require constant performance in environments with the presence of limestone, IPM diaphragm pumps are synonymous with excellence recognized in the global market. Thanks to their advanced technology, they guarantee a uniform flow and excellent performances, responding to the application needs of diversified sectors such as Water and Coffee.

Innovation in motion: IPC Motors and Fans

IPC will bring to the stage of HOST 2023 a wide range of axial, radial and tangential fans which, thanks to their ergonomic design and energy efficiency, are perfectly suited to cooling and ventilation systems in different industrial applications.

Shifting attention towards Automation and Motion Control, IPC offers advanced mechatronic solutions such as stepper or brushless motors and drives as well as linear actuators. These motors are the pulsing heart of multiple applications in the Ho.Re.Ca. and Coffee sectors. The reliability and performances of these motors ensure that every electromechanical function is executed with precision and accuracy, offering outstanding results with low energy consumption.

IPM and IPC gearmotors: discover the range of highly versatile customized solutions

IPC and IPM also stand out for their innovative and highly efficient gearmotors, ideal for motion and power transmission applications. In the Ice sector, for example, AC/DC/Brushless gearmotors are widely used for ice crushers and slush machines while in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector for applications such as fruit juicers and centrifuges. Customization and high flexibility are the basis for achieving excellent results in the final application.

Innovation is the future and Passion is the driving force

Innovation is an integral part of the vision of IPM Technologies and IPC. Both companies continue to invest in research and development and new technologies to ensure that their solutions remain at the forefront of an ever-evolving industrial market.

Passion is the feeling that fuels their commitment and the root of creativity. When you are passionate, you are inclined to think unconventionally and seek innovative solutions.

With an infinite range of solutions, IPM and IPC are set to capture the attention of HOST 2023 participants who will be able to visit their stand U33 V34 in Hall 24: a unique opportunity to discover their passion and explore the innovative technologies developed for applications in these sectors.

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