Il Drago e la Fornace

Il Drago e la Fornace

The farm “il Drago e la Fornace” is in the heart of Siena countryside, just on Francigena way. it’s a multifaceted reality, able to joint together the passion for Design and Architecture and a selection of great wines, a unique and original mix. Several activities rich of the story of the farm take place in this small village, called “la Fornace”, where it’s possible to find a nice accommodation, event planning and all the activities connected to good food, everything characterized by Design. Being heir of a long wine tradition, we produce our wines from the old vineyards on the Chianti Senese hills at Colle di Val d’Elsa. A small village along the Francigena way, with Siena countryside surrounding, a small church consecrated in late 1800 by Siena’s Archbishop, with azure interior with a copy of Chair Madonna by Raffaello on the altar, a restored brick kiln. This is the landscape you could have, choosing our suggestive location for your events.

A sketch of the new wine cellar, projected by Archirivolto, where you can see the aging tunnel who connects the wine shop to the barrique room. Close to this last building a new swimming pool will take place for visitors, creating a spectacular water wall from the entrance, while from the other side a glass wall will allow an underwater view of the inner barrique room.
The studio has been founded by Pocci and Dondoli, while studying Architecture in Florence. Their common interest for theatre influenced their philosophy: creativity, realism, respect and attention for people. Their work has got a big success all over the world, as underlined by several awards, such as iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award e Interior Innovation Award.

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