Welcome to , where coffee is not only our raw material, but also the strong and primitive essence that animates the art of creating the perfect coffee.

In fact “a coffee” is not only a dark liquid, more or less dense or creamy, but it contains the culture of its beans, and many stories of people who collected it from the plantations in the tropics.
Driven by the passion to research the perfect coffee,  has analyzed the whole production process of the green beans that eventually become toasted coffee, their growth and their transformation into a hot beverage, intense and energizing.

“ESPRESSA Roaster” represents the excellence in the coffee roasting, designed and manufactured with the same technologies and safety standards of the big industrial machines.

It is the unique and original coffee roaster that does not need any smoke expulsion system, and the relative authorizations. This unique feature (patented) that does not disadvantage the diffusion of the fresh coffee’s scents, allows the owner of the caffetteria to install and possibly relocate the roaster as necessary.

Other unique features are the suitable price, high reliability, smart thermo-dynamic management during the roasting process, low power consumption (1.500 Watts), the “clean air” thermal exchange system, the automatic cycle with the unloading and the cooling down of the roasted beans, and the efficient filter hood.

Designing and producing “ESPRESSA Roaster”, we realized how fascinating and captivating it is for a owner of a coffee tasting place, to serve his costumer an exclusive and unique coffee.

Thanks to “ESPRESSA Roaster” everyone who runs a place of coffee tasting can now really create his own coffee!


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