Villa Canthus production great wines

Villa Canthus production great wines

The owner of the company, Giuliano Ormenese, is proud to propose
his wines, all of high quality, obtained from a scrupulous selection of
grapes of the best years in the vineyards around Veneto and Friuli,
disposed thanks to the nature and exhibition of the terrain.
In all of his wines it is possible to rediscover the close relationship with
the wine-production traditions of the family and of the terrain together with a continuous research regarding the technological improvements and innovations. The enthusiasm, the patience and the constant commitment make him the spokesperson, through his products, of a message of quality and simplicity.
Still today Villa Canthus is ran by the family, produces and bottles in a limited measure a range of products which are the outcome of a meticulous and methodic research of high quality and space from white and red wines of the Triveneto to the red wine reserve, to sparkling wine and to straw wine.

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