Unique and inimitable

Unique and inimitable

SD Laser has been the leading company in the laser sector since 2010.

Thanks to its decades of experience,  the  company  fully  understands  the  potentials  of  this technology  and  exploits  them  to create something unique and in- imitable. SD Laser is located in Treviglio, in the province of Bergamo. SD Laser operates in various sec- tors because laser is the most versatile technology that exists today. It is able to work different materials such as wood, paper, plexiglass, leather. With the laser, it is possible to realize any idea: from a simple greeting  card  to  a  sophisticated and  elegant  piece  of  furniture. The team of graphic designers can start from anyone’s view and observe a unique project.

Let’s take an example: Christmas is coming and you are looking for a greeting card for your customers who represent your brand or the history of your company. Thanks to the flexibility of laser, your idea turns into a project. The result will be an exclusive and unique Christmas greeting. It is possible to create everything with laser, even useful gadgets.  You  can  create  an  exclusive gadget for an anniversary or in other particular events. In the Covid emergency period, SD Laser studied a gadget within everyone’s reach, “I-Tocco” which allows you to open doors and press buttons without touching the area. “I-Toc-co” is in plexiglass and can be personalized with a laser engraving of your own brand. The other sector in which the company work, it’s the Home De- cor. In 2011 SD Laser coined the brand I Dettagli, which combines the artisanship of Made in Italy with ultra-modern laser technology. The result is sophisticated and design furnishing accessories. The Home accessories – I Dettagli collection includes unique pieces such as  decorative  panels,  vases,  mirrors, watches, coat racks, umbrella stands and magazine racks.

The furnishing accessories  I Dettagli  present  suggestive and exclusive atmospheres, decorating  all  environments  with style and finesse. SD Laser’s philosophy is the attention to details, in fact behind each item there is a careful research of materials and a design study from drawing to the finished product. Next to the Home Accessories collection there is the one dedicated  to  the  wedding  favors  and gift items. The “Gift and Favors” line includes photo-frames, jewelry boxes, small pictures and table clocks perfect for all events. These articles can be personalized with names, phrases and dates for every ceremony. The I Dettagli collections can be found in affiliated stores throughout Italy and in selected e-commerce stores.

SD  Laser  has  specialized  into  the wedding  sector  with  the  Partecipazioniconstile  brand,  which  produces wedding announcements and wedding stationery. Thanks to this production branch, in direct con- tact with bride to be and wedding professionals, Partecipazioniconstile  creates  invitations,  tableau  de mariage,  menus,  place  cards,  table markers are created, save the date and everything related to communication  related  to  weddings  and events.  

The  passion  for  graphics combined  with  that  for  marriage creates unique and exclusive coordinates. Starting from a chosen theme or color, there are many ways that you can take using materials such as paper, plexiglass or wood.

The production of SD Laser, I Dettagli e Partecipazioniconstile is provided in Italy and is eco-sustainable in  terms  of  materials  and  processes. SD Laser, particularly sensitive to the theme of ecology, undertakes to reduce unnecessary resource consumption  and  to  use  systems that produce less and less emissions into the atmosphere, making use of raw materials and recyclable packaging and low environmental impact paints for other uses. You can have a preview of the articles on social profiles, Facebook and Instagram, of the company and of the brands.


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