The importance of certifications

The importance of certifications

Baffle filters are not all the same, some only complete the hood without having technical specifications wile others offer performances especially studied to give efficiency and security.

Sifim is specializes in filters production and the wide range of products included baffle filters to professional hoods that before being commercialized are studied and tested in laboratory.

Features that baffle filter must have are: detain fats, have a correct pressure loss and stops flames that could start inside the kitchen.

How are those features measured? For fat retention and pressure loss, executing tests is enough but for flames stopping it is needed a certification form international certifying agencies which certify the passage of the proof.

In this field the most important certifications are: UL 900, UL 1046 and EN 16282-6. It follows what regulations provide for to pass the test:

UL 900 – 3 minutes without generating flames, sparks or smoke after extinguishing the flame over about 90″

UL 1046– after having filtered oil vapour, 3 minutes with flame passage not over 18″

EN 16282-6 – 1 minute without flame passage

Each baffle filter produces by Sifim has passed the test and obtained one of the above described certifications.

Sifim believe it’s necessary that all the filters must stop the flame to offer more security to whom works in the kitchen and to whom sits at tables in restaurant.

Sifim recommend to never use the hood without filters because it could be dangerous.


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