Steam cleaning: when (and how) it can turn into an added value for a hotel

Steam cleaning: when (and how) it can turn into an added value for a hotel

As any hotelier knows, the current situation has changed things a lot. I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about Covid in this article but I realized that’s impossible.

Anyone  who  works  in  a  hotel  knows that  today  they  have  to  deal  with  new standards. In fact, customers place the level of cleanliness of the hotel they’re staying in at the top of their priorities. I am talking about deep cleaning, or rather sanitisation.

It  may  look  like  a  big  problem  but  any problem, from another perspective, can be read as an opportunity for improvement. For sure today and tomorrow customers will demand high standards of cleanliness, but they are surely willing to spend more than before as well. From a hotel’s point of view this can translate into higher margins.

The Greenhotel method was created long before the pandemic but actually it responds promptly to the new needs of hotels and their customers. For  various  reasons  that  cannot  be summed up in the simple concept of steam cleaning.

As the National Health Institute shows, there is steam and steam: the only  really  effective  steam  in  terms of  sanitisation  is  saturated  steam, i.e. steam at temperatures above 70°.

Our  machines  work  precisely in this sense. By entering into this perspective a hotel can find an opportunity for improvement.  

In addition to its effectiveness in terms of sanitization, steam adds other strengths in terms of optimizing work time. ‘Time is money’ and  this  is evident  when  using  a steam machine because it eliminates the rinsing time and the necessary re – washing indispensable with chemical products. Let’s not forget the important consequences in terms of health (inhaling a chemical is never good for you!) and environmental impact.

Moreover, the Greenhotel method is not just about selling machines. Precisely  because it is a method, in fact, our system also aims to make the machines truly effective by providing users with all-round support. Let’s face it: you can have a Ferrari, but if you don’t know how to drive it, you’ll end up keeping it in the garage. This is all the more important in hotels where there is a frequent turnover of workers who have to learn how to use our machines.

That’s why we’ve created a free app that provides training and assistance. All aspects that today, more than in the past, can really allow a hotel to make the leap to quality.

And to offer its customers the best. Competitiveness – the healthy one – is all about excellence.

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