Revolutionary continuous bag system

Revolutionary continuous bag system

SACLO’ is a young and dynamic brand producing a revolutionary system to separate waste at an industrial level. SACLO’ offers an innovative range of baskets, cabinets and containers to separate waste with a simple goal: helping the customer to save money and make separate waste collection easier.

The SACLO’ continuous bag system is simple and functional: unlike the classic single bag bin, our system includes a special “endless” bag (up to 110mt long) which can be unrolled, closed and cut every time the operator ne- eds to throw away the trash. No more plastic waste, no more bad smells, maximum levels of hygiene and unrivalled ease of use.

ADDED VALUE: HYGIENIC: no contact with waste EFFICIENT: 50% less time per bag change EFFECTIVE: up to 5 times larger than a traditional bag of the same size ECOLOGICAL: 70% less plastic

CONTINUOUS BAG SYSTEM – HOW DOES IT WORK? The Saclò bagging system is based on a special “endless” bag (up to 110 mt) which can be unrolled, sealed and cut to the need, enabling a smarter waste collection.

Once a bag is sealed, the next one is ready to use!

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