Microcemento: 5 advantages you didn’t know about your surfaces

Microcemento: 5 advantages you didn’t know about your surfaces

March 30, 2020

Have you ever heard of microcement? It is a material that has become fashionable in recent years but that’s also chosen for its technical characteristics. First of all: what’s microcement. Is a special cement for coating, made on-site and completed with a protective coating that allows for a finished solution with a modern and elegant look. Given its characteristics of realization: rapidity of execution, personalization, and extreme adaptability, the microcement is configured as the ideal choice to furnish environments with a modern style and to renovation without demolishing.

5 advantages of microcement: Microcement has several advantages that can make your surfaces more functional and even more beautiful (especially to give a modern or minimal look). 1. Speed of realization Work is done in a short time and the application is really fast. All this’s even more advantageous if we consider that the microcement can be applied directly over the existing surface, without having to remove.

2. Versatility and adaptability Microcement surface retains its qualities Microcemento: 5 advantages you didn’t know about your surfaces of resistance and sturdiness in whatever space is applied. This allows, for example, to choose the same floor for interior and exterior or floor and wall, giving an aspect of complete and continuity. You can really use it anywhere! 3. Customization There’s a big range of colors and processes that make it possible to adapt this incredible material in any contest. 4. Practicality Strong and waterproof: for these reasons that it’s chosen for important space, including high traffic areas (museums, hotel halls, main room,..) and wet zone (showers, sinks,..). 5. Maintenance Zero! This’s perhaps one of the main advantages of this solution, which can be cleaned with just hot water. The protective film does not allow stains to penetrate deeply, making any cleaning operation quick and easy. As you can see, the microcement floor is the ideal solution for any kind of surface without compromising on resistance, practicality, and beauty. www.sirio-group.it

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