Impertek S.r.l.

Impertek S.r.l.

Impertek was founded in 1985 as a company specialized in waterproofing products. At first approaching the domestic market of civil and industrial roofs, it has transformed over time into a solid manufacturing company of waterproofing products, completely developed since the early stages within the company.

The company’s constant focus has been the product, from the design to the selection of the best raw materials according to the products performances, to the logistics needs with a special attention to the response time.

Impertek constantly introduces innovative products on the market suitable to its constant evolution and guarantees a fast order processing in 24-48 hours for the 80% of products.

Winning solutions both for the local scenery and the international one that has been developed by covering new markets from US to Australia, bringing the export to cover the 60% of turnover.

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