Gruppo Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali

Cimbali Group provides the widest range of solutions for the HORECA (hotels and catering) sector, including traditional and super coffee machines, grinders / dispensers, and accessories, guaranteed reliability, top performance ratings, user-friendliness, designer appeal and top quality coffee in the cup.
The Group includes LaCimbali, Faema, Casadio and Hemerson brands. These are well-established brands (LaCimbali and Faema were founded in 1912 and 1945, respectively).
The Group’s turnover in 2017 came to more than 180 million euros, 80% of turnover generated, with a total volume of around 48,000 units.

Cimbali Group also has 10 operational branches: Milan and Rome in Italy, while abroad in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the USA and China, and a representation office in Singapore. Of the Group’s 800 employees, 65% are employed in Italy and the remaining 35% abroad.
Cimbali Group is based in Binasco, near Milan. Its operations are conducted in three production facilities in Italy, one in Ghisalba (in the province of Bergamo) and another in the Cantone Chapel (in the province of Cremona). The facilities produces on average over 220 coffee machines per day.The Group takes special pride in the MUMAC – Museum of Espresso Coffee Machines. Inaugurated in 2012 to celebrate the contribution of the company to the sector, and to recounting, MUMAC is a unique initiative (the largest exhibition of express coffee machines in the world) a century of history, of technology, of design and of the Italian way, All this and more!

The focus on innovation is also reflected in the 55 currently valid patents, 15 of which have been filed in the last 3 years.

In 2017/2018, Cimbali Group introduced:

  • The LaCimbali S20, a super-automatic machine with a revolutionary 10.4 ”touchscreen display providing innovative man-machine interaction and an integrated dual-direction WIFI system
  • The Faema E71E, a traditional machine designed by Giugiaro Design with innovative technological features, a set of time designed to satisfy the international community of baristas and coffee specialists.
  • The LaCimbali Elective: the new LaCimbali Elective is a high-end professional coffee grinder-doser. An extraordinary combination of iconic design, innovative technology and traditional functions, in order to provide constant quality in grinding at any time.

Optimal management of the entire extraction process.

Intuitive and ergonomic interaction with the machine that simplifies the barista’s work. Maximum customization, both in terms of settings, enabling perfect extraction, and of accessories.

These are the main advantages for coffee specialists offered by Faema E71E.

Thanks to its newly-designed independent groups, the machine can manage different coffee varieties while respecting the specific temperatures that they each of them require. Additionally, the hydraulic circuit with a patented control system guarantees perfect management of coffee infusion times:

The new, redesigned handles in the optional wooden version are designed to offer maximum ergonomics and comfort.

The new, redesigned handles in the optional wooden version are designed to offer maximum ergonomics and comfort.

Finally, Faema’s new model offers numerous customization possibilities thanks to its wide range of accessories (rear panel, new group heads, steam tap covers and filter knobs) that will make the new E71E unique.

The LaCimbali S20 is the new super-automatic by LaCimbali, at Gruppo Cimbali brand.

LaCimbali S20 enhances the LaCimbali super-automatic range with a perfect solution for locations that produces around 200 cups a day. Thanks to its built-in soluble hot chocolate system, you can also offer a wide and varied menu always with the highest quality.

The new S20 is a perfect tool for your daily work. Thanks to the innovative technical solutions that have always made LaCimbali machines cutting-edge products, making coffee and milk-based beverages will be simple and intuitive every day.

The S20’s 7-inch touchscreen display allows for different options on the drinks menu (pre-selection and Group Mode) and to customize images displayed by the machine. You can help customers with video clips and animations, all in a very simple way.

Thanks to the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi System you can remotely communicate with the S20. Thios machine can be configured in Power Station Mode for use with one fridge thus optimizing the work space.

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