Paver stones

Paver stones

Low thikness concrete slabs by Micheletto combine aesthetic beauty and use ductility. These slabs has thickness from 3,3 cm and 4,2 cm and a lower weight compared to a standard paver stone, and allow both classic laying on a gravel layer and on a cement layer, and even the floating laying on plastic legs.

This kind of laying, allow to pass pipes  and  tubes  under the paving  stones, ensuring easier maintenece in case of mulfunction. The concrete paver stones are made with natural aggregates and it is possibile to have in different color and with waterproofing technology  called Stone Tech inside them, that keeps the pavement brightness for long time, and makes these kind of floor perfect forelax area, gardens, walkways, green areas and so on.

Armonia wants to create a new way to think  permeable pavement. The  particoular wave shape realized thanks to the voids inside the slabs allow to drain water and to recreate an harmonious aesthetic effect even in a simple parking area.

The 10 cm thickness allow to drive cars  on  the  pavement  with  an attention to sustanibility aspects. This kind of pavement, in fact, drain the rain water keeping safe city  centre  and  area  around  it from flooding events.

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