No more keys, the future is amart!

No more keys, the future is amart!

Alias Design Security Doors offers a complete, ideal solution to control access in residential, light commercial (such as offices, small enterprises, professional firms and shops) and, of course, Bed & Breakfast. In the latter case, the life of both owner and guests is made considerably easier. HOW IT WORKS It’s easy, the system makes it possible to remotely control the entry security door lock, as well as the locks of the room doors “Dream E12-30 Hotel”. Thanks to a smartphone and the Argo app by Iseo, it is possible to open and manage the “Smart” lock mounted on the Alias door (access credentials such as smartphones, cards, tags and PIN codes can be added or removed, each with its own validity and timetable). It is also possible to use the app to control the “Libra Smart” electric cylinder installed, for instance, in the Dream EI2-30 Hotel. The door “Dream EI2-30 Hotel” is fireproof certified under the standard EN 16034, is anti burglary class 2 and provides 33 dB acustic insulation – twice the value of a traditional internal door. Is also equipped with hydraulic door closer and antipanic lock.

Click-proof security that will no longer make you rush to give and collect keys or worry that they may be lost/copied without authorization. Check-in and check-out can take place at any time even in the absence of the owner. Access management has never been so easy: ease of use and security have been combined in a completely new way, anticipating the future of access control. This makes it possible to remotely manage the electronic locks of a Bed & Breakfast for example, with a smartphone, and to deliver the “keys” to guests with a simple message. No more trips to hand over or pick up the keys, no more worrying about them being lost or even reproduced without permission, check-in and check-out will no longer be a problem. You can set the days and times of access and when no longer needed, delete the key, ready to welcome new guests. This means a lot for facilities that, unlike hotels, have no reception.

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