Since 1987 MPS Porcellane is innovation and quality design at the service of our customers. 

We are a dynamic and enthusiastic company, specialized in the creation, production and supply of porcelain tableware of excellent quality for the international Ho.Re.Ca. industry. Founded with the goal, now achieved, of becoming a point of reference for professionals, MPS Porcellane continues to amaze in a continuous evolution, which leads us to increase a heritage of experience and know-how, built over the years with the most prestigious collaborations with hundreds of customers, including well-known hotel chains, world-class restaurants and giants of the catering industry, to meet the most diverse needs. 

Thanks to direct interactions with our partners, we are able to anticipate the needs of professionals in the sector, for a rapid and impeccable supply: the advanced management of production and warehouse allows us to always have stock of products, with a continuous production on demand. With a deep knowledge of the industry, we give advice to our customers, offering customization and innovation, guaranteeing short delivery times and quality results. Our manufacture can produce over 330,000 pieces per year, reaching over 740 tons of material. 

The efficiency of our production does not neglect but, rather, enhances the craftsmanship of porcelain items, a combination of functionality, strength and practicality in the most elegant and stylish design, to highlight the creativity of all chefs and crown the most extraordinary presentations. Tableware and containers MPS Porcellane emphasize the characteristics of a noble material, skillfully worked by our craftsmen between technology and craftsmanship, which makes each piece unique. Produced with a mixture of feldspar porcelain composed of top quality feldspar, quartz and kaolin from Limoges, MPS items are the result of the alliance between industrial and manual processes. 

Each phase of production is constantly controlled to guarantee immediate intervention in case of need, while every gesture of our operators describes the passion for meticulous work: each product is unique, not only because it is the result of a manual manufacturing and finishing process, but because it is created with the user in mind. This is one of the main factors we consider when we study and create our products. This is why all our porcelain is suitable for the most intense professional use. Usable in the oven and microwave, MPS porcelain items can also be used in the freezer, after cooling, for food preservation. Dishwasher safe, durable and stackable, they are faithful allies of the most perfectionist catering businesses.  

From the meeting of needs and quality of materials, the most refined and resistant porcelain products are born, able to make the difference for an excellent cuisine in a poetry of shapes, colors and emotions aroused by exclusive and unrepeatable pieces, like the presentations they complete. More than 1000 shapes collected in over 30 product lines meet the tastes and preferences of our customers, between classic and innovative, in a tradition of continuous change that follows the trends of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Functionality and practicality are exalted in the Gastronorm line, porcelain items that follow the standardization system of containers for professional use, while the Pirofile line includes pieces of various sizes, colors and shapes, with the elegance necessary to perform directly from the kitchen. Complete lines such as Basic are indispensable and essential, thanks to a refined simplicity that completes table service in every detail. Contemporary offers a modern and innovative range, with bold yet delicate lines and up-to-date style, capable of adapting to any presentation environment. For more romantic and traditionalist chefs and restaurateurs Classicis the ideal line, with ancient and natural inspirations, but always with a contemporary taste. Buffet includes porcelain items ranging from containers for gastronomic departments to decorative and functional trays, without forgetting the original touch of slate porcelain. Here is the free interpretation of art, brought in triumph on Handpainted, while the small is celebrated with the containers of the Finger line. Style and elegance are manifested by compositions on Ghisa and Mandarin Black, in the impeccable sense of the most sumptuous black. 

Among the characteristics that make our products flawless are the rigorous processes we follow in order to satisfy the regulatory compliance for food use, which is also certified by ICQ. In addition, the glazing is lead and cadmium free in accordance with the legal limits set forth by European Directive 84/500/EEC and following updates for the safe use of all articles. MPS Porcellane is a reliable partner for any porcelain solution dedicated to hospitality professionals in search of excellence and innovation.

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