MPS, wide range of porcelain articles

MPS, wide range of porcelain articles

MPS, Manifattura Porcellane Saronno, is a company that has made the search for quality its goal: since 1987 we produce articles able to meet the needs of professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Thanks to an advanced production and ware – house management, MPS is successful in satisfying the most disparate requests, even for just in time supplies, combining industrial and manual processes during the production phase and enhancing the craftsmanship of our porcelains, exclusively Made in Italy.

MPS items are produced with a mixture of feldspathic porcelain composed  by feldspar, quartz and kaolin of first quality, coming

from Limoges. Our products are suitable for oven, microwave and dishwasher. After cooling, they can also be used to store food in the freezer and resist thermal shock up to 250 degrees centigrade. More than 1000 shapes, collected in over 30 lines, tell our experience and innovation of ideas to anticipate our customers’ requests.

Like Ghisa, characterized by the elegance of the black color to magnify any culinary masterpiece and give a new look to the tables of professionals and not only. Plates, trays, baking dishes, soup tureens, cups and finger food sets made with a variegated finish that guarantees value, resistance and warmth to presentations.

The Millenium line is original in its timeless classicism: balanced and romantic, it lends itself to be interpreted also in a contemporary key, enriching even minimalist environments with a touch of discreet decoration. Numerous serving dishes, bowls and risers complete the possibilities to create something unique.

Elegance continues to be showcased in the Barocco line, a name that tells the essence of a wide range of serving dishes with important dimensions and shapes suitable for different needs, ideal for prestigious events and anniversaries to be celebrated with taste and class. Black and white alternate in a choice of style.

The desires of professionals are realized with Cordonata impilabile. Designed just for them, it combines indispensable features for restaurateurs: durability, temperature maintenance resistance, ease of storage and stacking, with the security of presenting a perfect dish in every occasion.

We strongly believe in the importance of direct contact  with  our  customers  and,  thanks  to  the partnerships built over the years, we have created the Hotel line, practical and versatile. Easy to handle, it is both resistant and light, ideal for daily professional use.

Our products are the creative inspiration for gastronomic excellence and quality is also guaranteed by the certification of suitability for food contact by ICQ, one of the most important product certification institutes currently on the market.

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