The GTA Group

The GTA Group

The GTA Group has been operating for more than 40 years on the front line in the distribution of raw materials and equipment for “talented artisans” in the pastry, bakery, ice cream and catering sectors.

Operates mainly in Lombardy area, with particular attention to the province of Bergamo, by means of a competent and qualified sales and technical assistance team.

Always attentive and respectful of tradition, he does not forget to look at innovation and new trends in a market in progressive evolution. It offers a quick service, with particular attention to the brands handled, and carefully selects high quality products in order to offer a complete, diversified but at the same time versatile assortment.

Innovative products together with technique, assistance and creativity allow the GTA Group to work alongside customers, sharing the goal of creating success.

Keeping an eye on the European countries that represent a possibility of business expansion, an eCommerce platform was created for the proposal of about 6000 products, improving commercial relations with customers».

He is the owner of the following brands: SCHIACCIA NOCI for dried fruit, REGINA CANDITA for candied fruit, CREMES NOTES DI GUSTO for ice cream and pastry products and LE DELIZIE DI MARGOT for jams and marmalades.

In our classroom, GTA Academy, equipped as a laboratory, or at the customers’ premises, competent technicians carry out demonstrations of the correct use of the products, clarify doubts and assist in the preparation of new recipes in step with the taste trends of customers.

In addition to food, both frozen and fresh, laboratory equipment and furnishings, we promote attention to the image: we assist in the creation of personalized packaging and gift boxes related to events and holidays. Personnel in charge guides the customer in setting up and arranging products within the store.

“We want to deliver products, equipment and working methods into the hands of every artisan to spread the love for a winning product, a masterpiece of excellence, which embodies all the charm of Italian tradition.”

GTA turns your ideas into success.

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