China’s love for the made in Mikah!

China’s love for the made in Mikah!

a lasting bond with the made in Italy that millennials and Korea’s Generation Z cannot abandon due to the quality and craftsmanship of its products, which can be found both in online and onsite stores. 

Following the fashion industry, the beverage industry has been the one to establish itself in the Chinese market through Mikah Coffee, a brand from Milan that aims to mediate between the online and onsite experiences of customers through one common denominator: the high quality of its products.  

At Xi’an, a major city in central China and the capital of the Chinese empire for 13 dynasties, coffee lovers will enjoy a complete experience: from Mikah’s historical blends to its Specialty Coffee selection and made-in-Italy products such as gourmet flavored syrups, finest fruit purees and toppings, as well as the traditional hot chocolate available in 5 different flavors, all of this through Mikah China.  

A project launched in July 2021 to which Massimo Hakim, CEO of the Mikah brand conceived in 1984, has been working with his team in Italy and China for a year, and represents the peak of a relationship with East Asia. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on the 17th of May, crowning a partnership whose result has brought Mikah China with a joint venture to be established in July 2022. 

“We established in Beijing 14 years ago’’, says Massimo Hakim. “Mikah has always believed in the potential of the Chinese market and contributed to the spreading of coffee culture in China, a nation that boasts a millenary tradition with tea as the main character. At the moment, our brand is considerably investing in the research of new symphonies of flavors, through a meticulous selection of the best coffee origins, also among the lesser known ones, and special products specifically studied for Asia. We are paying special attention to the niche market of Specialty Coffee, where Mikah has an important presence, considering the high values of its origins, characteristics and authenticity”. 

An important achievement for the made-in-Italy and most importantly for the Milanese brand, already known for being a Premium Coffee Brand with its authentic and mouth-watery blends in over 46 countries around the globe, produced through the “Milanese” or “Lombardo” method and characterized by a mild to medium-light roasting, which is now available to enjoy at Mikah China and soon at home too. 

The project of expansion also implies the opening of several business affiliations: “From 2023 – Massimo Hakim explained – there will be delightful developments for Mikah China, the details will be disclosed to the public in the first quarter of 2023”. 

The coffee journey in China has become the trend of the century, in each corner, you find a coffee shop where the Chinese stand in queue to get their double shot of espresso or latte accompanied by the popular french pastry, also known globally as croissant. 

So far, Mikah’s competitors such as the American siren brand have reached a total of 6000 outlets, as well as the Chinese competitors, “Luckin Coffee”, are pushing to get back to their previous-scandal numbers. Lately, their former executives have introduced the first store of a new coffee brand called “Cotti”, at Fuzhou.  

As we can see, it is a crucial moment in the Chinese coffee market, and Mikah cannot wait to further consolidate its presence as it is now ready to export authentic Milan coffee and a less boring but genuine concept to our marvelous Chinese friends, with the intention to extend its reach in the near future to all the other Asian territories. As a result, the Italian brand, fresh from the success of Mikah China, does not stop.  

In addition to the Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Eastern and Northern European markets in which the brand has been present and beloved for years, it aims to achieve an equal level of activity and excitement in Saudi Arabia, an ancient market for coffee and a country that is remarkably shaking the market, always respecting its roots and traditions. The Saudi government has initiated an immense project, putting efforts to boost sustainable agriculture in the country with the goal of increasing domestic coffee production from 300 tons per year to 2500 by 2032. 

Mikah will be a testimonial to this new development in the country contributing with all its resources to consistently support the project and the coffee culture in Saudi Arabia, always with the same resolution and quality of made-in-Italy products. More details will be released in the first trimester 2023. 

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