Urban furniture, outdoor tables and chairs

Urban furniture, outdoor tables and chairs

Why Urbantime?  

We firmly believe that the time we spend in public urban spaces and outdoors in general deserves the same attention and quality time that we spend in our homes. This is the reason behind the creation of Urbantime, to show what we are aiming for, namely to give the same value to the moments in our life that take place outside our homes.  

URBANTIME is the furniture collection created to make these moments in the life of each and everyone of us more comfortable: when we are waiting for a train, enjoying an ice cream in the shade of a tree in a deserted square or taking a minute to recover before the next training block along a cycling path. 

What is our approach to the design?  

In our vision of things, a design object must have an intrinsic industrial vocation. Respecting the highest standards of quality and durability is made possible by our primary approach to the product design. 

Industrialising a product means maintaining constant quality standards while lowering production costs which in a more artisan supply chain would not be possible. 

Urbantime in 3 words  

Elegance: Italian design, the result of expert hands and the tradition which has made our country great worldwide for designer furniture.  

Sobriety: simple and clean lines, which blend into the most disparate environments without necessarily dominating them, but respecting the beauty that distinguishes our landscape.  

Longevity: durable products, resistant materials and custom treatments to guarantee that our products will stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions. 

What inspires our work?  

We are inspired by the beauty of our cities and stunning Italian landscapes where the objects of the Urbantime collection are installed in a natural setting. The beauty which surrounds us is our greatest stimulus, as are the history and culture of our country. Products for the community, such as the benches that adorn a playground or the garden of a home for the elderly, have always been a symbol of sharing. 

 Public space, which has been maligned for years, is, however, an important place for making new friends and sharing dreams and projects, so making it both attractive and functional is our mission 

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